In the favour of this blog…a review of ‘Rashomon’

I am a movie buff and a great fan of  ‘Rashomon’.

Although I am admirer of ‘Akira Kurosawa’, I never succeeded to watch any of his movie other than ‘Rashomon’… 🙂

But I believe that if he can create ‘Rashomon’… its enough to put him in the line of great movie directors.

If you like to watch something meaningful,something that pushes you to think… watch ‘Rashomon’.

And if you enjoy the rain..  ‘Rashomon’ will give it a new meaning.. 🙂

Here is a nice review of ‘Rashomon’.








Everyone has his version of truth. His own way of seeing the world. Everyone has his own Shades of Gray.

I try to see things without any prenotion, things as they are, good or bad,beautiful or ugly.

So this my blog and these are my Shades of Gray.